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Insight from Fort Worth Roofing & Renewable Energy Experts

Bronco Roofing & Construction and Bronco Renewable Energy Solutions are dedicated to learning as much as we can about the work we do. Every day, advances are made to allow for even more effective energy saving solutions. We consider it our duty to stay fully informed on these topics and offer their benefits to our customers. Our Fort Worth roofing and renewable energy team has included answers to several common questions we receive in order to help you. Contact us to learn even more about how we can help.

Why Should I Switch to Renewable Energy?

Not only does renewable energy greatly help to preserve the environment, but it can save you a staggering amount of money. In addition to the lower cost of powering your home or business, there may be many tax benefits that you can take advantage of. We offer a full range of energy types, from simple glass treatments to solar and wind power systems.

How Can the Right Type of Roofing Save Energy?

With options such as reflective roofing or reflective coatings, it is possible to regulate the temperature in your home. With the lower temperature, you will not need to spend as much money on operating your air conditioning. Insulation and highly skilled labor during the installation can also prove to help with keeping your home cool in the summer, and warm in the winter.

Should I Choose Solar Energy or Wind Energy?

In Texas, both solar and wind energy are strong options. However, your environment can play a large part in which will give you more value for your investment. If your area generally has wind speeds that exceed 5 meters per second, wind energy might be a better option. To find out exactly which option suits your situation more aptly, call on our Fort Worth renewable energy team to assess your situation.

How Often Should I Replace my Roof?

In most cases, roofs should be replaced every 20 to 50 years, depending on how much regular maintenance was performed and what the weather conditions are like in your area. If you are noticing leaks or more intense temperature, it may be time to consider replacing your roof. Our team can assist you with selecting the right type of roof that fits your needs and budget. We can also help you determine if reroofing is an appropriate option.

Do You Offer Free Estimates?

Bronco Roofing & Construction and Bronco Roofing & Construction offer free estimates for our clients. We can perform the necessary inspections, give you our informed advice on how to proceed, and offer you a complimentary estimate on the costs of the project.

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