EPDM Roofing in Fort Worth

The EPDM Roofing Installation Process

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) roofing is a synthetic rubber roofing system often used in commercial building applications. It is widely used because of its common availability, ease of installation, and long lifespan. This system has been growing in popularity because of recent advancements that have solved some of the older issues related to EPDM roofing (such as seam problems).

  • EPDM roofing installation is done by one of the following three methods:
  • Ballasted: In this process, the roofing membrane is ballasted at 1,000 lbs/sq or 10 lbs/sq ft with large round stones.
  • Mechanically attached: This method is most often used in applications where wind velocities are not generally very high.
  • Fully adhered: This method is the most costly up front, but produces the longest lasting system available.

At Bronco Roofing & Construction we offer professional installation, repairs and maintenance of EPDM Roofing in Fort Worth and throughout Texas. We can help you determine if EPDM roofing is right for your building and budget.

Fort Worth EPDM Maintenance & Repairs

In order to ensure that your EPDM roofing system lasts as long as possible, it is important to regularly and properly maintain the system. Our professionally trained Fort Worth roofers are happy to offer the highest quality roofing maintenance available in the industry today. Please let us know if you already have an EPDM roofing system in place, and we can discuss the best options available to you. We can also provide repairs to an existing EPDM roofing system. If we can catch problems early on, we can prevent the system from being compromised and further damages from occurring to your commercial building.

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